How To Get Him To Marry YouThe big “M” word. Marriage. Women want to be married for pretty much the same basic reasons and men seem like they want to avoid marriage for other reasons. Here is my favorite strategy for how to get him to marry you.

If you’ve been together for a couple of years and you feel like you are compatible and in love, then marriage logically should be the next step. But what if he seems to be hesitating? What if he shows no signs of wanting to seal his commitment to you?

First of all, realize that he is not the only fish in the pond, so to speak. There are men that are willing to get married, that are not afraid of commitment. If your boyfriend isn’t willing to commit to you, you really shouldn’t be asking yourself how to get him to marry you, you should be asking yourself WHY he isn’t running to the alter to keep you! Lack of desire to commit is a serious (or should be a serious) red flag that all may not be as well as you think it is.

In my strategy for how to get him to marry you, the first step is to let him know that you do want to be married. Let your boyfriend know that you want serious commitment from a man. You can also mention that not all men are willing to give that kind of commitment, and say that you understand that. Ask what he thinks of marriage and commitment. This might also be a good time to find out what he thinks about other topics, like kids. His answer should explain a lot of things to you.

The truth is he may just not be ready for a life long commitment right now…or ever. If he isn’t the type to ever be married, you’re better off knowing that right now. Can you live with that? If not, I would suggest that you tell him that you are willing to look elsewhere for a man that is willing to be committed to you.

I am not suggesting that you cheat on your boyfriend.

That is NOT how to get him to marry you, in fact, that would be the worst possible advice.

What I am suggesting is that you let him know that marriage is a priority to you and you are willing to move on if his priorities aren’t the same as yours. The thought of perhaps losing you might motivate him to re think dragging his feet, especially if he loves you. (This is one of the best ways to keep a man in love with you).

Honestly, if he won’t marry you now, chances are he never will. So make peace with that and be ready to go find the man that is willing to say “I do,” and get on with your life.

Be honest about how you are feeling and be willing to listen to him also. Be patient and understand that giving up his freedom may be equally important to him. In the end, be willing to move on if he just isn’t into you enough to say “I do.”

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