Best Ways To Keep a Man In LoveWhile there are many ways to keep a man in love, they all boil down to a few basic principles.

There are thousands of tips online that will tell you what they think are the ways to keep a man in love. These tips are usually shallow and artificial, in my opinion. I mean really, he’s going to stick around for the cloths that you wear? If he’s that shallow and superficial, chances are he’s going to be out the door some day soon no matter what you do.

If you really love your man, then the best ways to keep a man in love with you will come naturally.

Men need several things. They need to feel respected and needed above all else. Not even great sex can save a relationship where the man doesn’t feel like the women respects him, or if he feels like she is looking down on him in some way.

Call it ego or what ever else you want to call it, but respect is a top priority to keep your man happy and around.

Now, I will pause here and mention that I’m not talking about out of balance, egocentric and narcissistic respect. They want to feel sincere respect from the women in their life. If you can’t offer that, your relationship is probably headed for some rocky times!

Think about what respect means to a man, because it’s not the same as the type of respect that women want. The kind of respect they need includes taking the lead. Are you fully supporting decisions that he makes?

Our society today fully supports feminine independence. Women are encouraged to be assertive and to not let anyone ‘boss’ them around. Ironically, however, letting the man take the lead and respecting his decisions leads to a happy and fulfilling relationship for both men and women. When this basic rule isn’t followed, we end up with a high divorce rate and relationships that don’t last.

While it one of the ways to keep a man in love is to respect and support him, there are other things that you can do, too.

Everyone likes to feel special, so go ahead and plan a little surprise on date night! Buy gifts for no special reason. Laugh at his jokes and let him tease you. Be just a little bit vulnerable.

Love works the best when we put the others persons needs and interests above our own wants and desires. By putting his needs first, he will naturally stay in love with you. As a side benefit, your love will probably grow, too, because by taking care of another person, we feed ourselves.

To sum it all up, you don’t need to look for ways to keep a man in love. It’s really not that hard, unless you have other challenges in your relationship that I don’t know about. Just be loving yourself, show respect and be supportive, those are the biggest turn on’s for men!

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All the best!


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