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girl gets ringReviewed by Laura D.

If you are in a long term relationship where things just don’t move forward and you are looking for ways to get your boyfriend to propose, or if you are one of those woman in the dating scene that want to find true love that leads to happy marriage, then I guess that you already heard about Girl Gets Ring by TW Jackson and Jonathan Green, one of the most popular relationship systems online.

However, if you tired from all of these useless “reviews” on Girl Gets Ring and you want to discover the real truth about this system then this page is for you.

In this Girl Gets Ring review I’m going to share with you my own thoughts about Girl Gets Ring and to talk with you about the pros and cons of it so you can understand better if this system is really for you or not.

Before I start I just want to say that this is only my personal review about Girl Gets Ring and the things that I write here are based mainly on my experience with this system.

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Now, before we talk about the good and bad points of Girl Gets Ring, let’s firstly talk about the basics of this system.


girl gets ring system

What Exactly Is The Girl Gets Ring System?


Created by TW Jackson and Jonathan Green, two famous relationship experts, Girl Gets Ring is a step by step system which supposed to teach any woman how to go from “Hello” to “I do” as fast as possible.

The Girl Gets Ring system contains several components such as video tutorials, audio lessons, several reports and more, however the most important part of it is the Girl Gets Ring main guide that contains over 140 pages of step-by-step directions on how to go from meeting “the perfect one” straight to the proposal and to happy marriage life.

In order to teach you how to do it, TW Jackson and Jonathan Green divided their Girl Gets Ring main guide into six different phases and below are the basics of each one of them:

Phase One Of The Girl Gets Ring System – Singledom

In the first phase you’ll learn how to get the most benefit out of being single. Some of the most important tips in this chapter include reasons why guys enjoy being single much more than us and why maybe you should start thinking different about this issue right away.

Phase Two Of The Girl Gets Ring System – Looking For Love

Phase two is all about picking the right guy. Here you will find different strategies and tips that will not only help you choosing the right man for you but also will help you to avoid “falling” for the wrong guys.

Phase Three Of The Girl Gets Ring System – Making First Contact

The third phase focuses on three core elements which will help you making the first contact: honesty, passion and self-confidence. Here you will find exactly why each one of them is important and how to use them properly.

Phase Four Of The Girl Gets Ring System – Dating And Creating A Strong Love Bond

This is with no doubt one of the most important phases of the Girl Gets Ring System.

Here TW Jackson and Jonathan Green talk on lots of topics such as first dates, common date mistakes that guys make which turn us off, how you can help men help themselves, what guys usually find sexy and more importantly what’s the correct time to get intimate for the very first time in order to build the best relationship you can.

Phase Five Of The Girl Gets Ring System – Becoming A Girlfriend

The former phase focused on the most important things when we just start getting out with the guy. In this phase all the focus is on the things that you must know when it comes to creating a smooth, warm and long lasting relationship which will easily lead to the marriage proposal.

Phase Six Of The Girl Gets Ring System: From Girlfriend To Fianc?

In phase six you will probably find what you’ve been waiting for. Here TW Jackson and Jonathan Green talk about really important things such as how to give your guy the space he needs in order to fall in love with you, the right way to speak so he will always listen, exactly how believing in him can get him to do nearly anything for you and all the other things that will lead for happy long term relationship between you and him.

Well, this is in short the basics of the Girl Gets Ring system and I hope that now you understand better what this system is all about.

However, does the Girl Gets Ring System really work? And more important, is it really the right system for YOU?

To answer these two questions let’s take a look at the main pros & cons of Girl Gets Ring.


girl gets ring guarantee

The Pros Of The Girl Gets Ring System

Easy To Follow And Very Comprehensive

There is no doubt that Girl Gets Ring is one of the most comprehensive relationship systems that you will find online these days.

This system really gives women all the information they need to know from finding the right guy through the things that you must avoid in your dating to the things that you must do in order to take care of the relationship which will end in happy marriage.

In addition, I must admit that the main guide of the Girl Gets Ring system is one of the easiest-to-follow manuals that I’ve ever seen and it is written in lucid manner without any “fluff”.

Written By Two Experts

Let’s admit it, these days there are many “relationship gurus” online that don’t have any experience in the dating niche which simply want to make money by combining several tips from forums and blogs into a guide that should help you out. Well, these guides are useless of course and you should stay away from them.

With that being said, I must admit that this is not the case with the Girl Gets Ring system.
This relationship guide was written by not only one but two relationship experts and this is without doubt a big advantage.

TW Jackson, the author of the best seller “Magic Of Making Up” system, and Jonathan Green have combined their many years of relationship experience into this unique program and unlike “so called gurus” these writers have great reputation and they are without doubt two guys that can be trusted.

Great Bonuses

Another thing that I really like about Girl Gets Ring is that unlike other relationship guides that comes with “bonuses” which aren’t complementary to the main product at all and worth almost nothing, Jonathan Green and TW Jackson attached to their Girl Gets Ring system some really high quality bonuses which will further improve your dating skills and make you much better at it.

Some of the best bonuses include MP3 audios such as the very useful “Long Distance Relationship Secrets” audio or the special report on the “Biggest Mistakes Women Make with Online Dating” which I personally believe could be sold alone without problem.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Girl Gets Ring is backed by 100% no questions money back guarantee.
In other words, you have more than 8 weeks to try the Girl Gets Ring system without any risk and to decide if it’s really for you or not.

This is a huge advantage and something that you won’t find in many similar products, and in my opinion it also say something about the quality of this system and about the confidence that TW Jackson and Jonathan Green have in their strategies.

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girl gets ring bookThe Cons Of The Girl Gets Ring System

Written From Men’s Perspective Only

As you already know the Girl Gets Ring system was written by two guys, TW Jackson and Jonathan Green.

While some women see it as an advantage since they think that no other person could best uncover the secrets of males except men themselves, I personally feel that it could be better if some of the materials inside the Girl Gets Ring system would come from women’s perspective as well.

You Won’t Find It At Stores

Right now the Girl Gets Ring system is available for sale only online and unfortunately you will not find it in hard cover version at stores.

A Bit Pricey

Girl Gets Ring is not the most expensive relationship system that I’ve ever seen, however it costs a little more compared to many other programs that you will find online.


girl gets ring reviewThe Bottom Line – Is Girl Gets Ring The Best Solution For You?

Well, if you was hoping for unequivocal answer to that question then I am sorry but I don’t have one and let me explain you why.

Firstly, I must admit that for me Girl Gets Ring is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

The system from TW Jackson and Jonathan Green has changed my life completely and today, two years after I got this system, I am happily married with Jacob and also have the most positive lifestyle which I’ve ever had.

I believe that Girl Gets Ring is with no doubt one of the most powerful programs for women who want long lasting love and I can’t describe in words how much this system helped me in my life.

With that being said, I also must say that Girl Gets Ring is NOT for every woman. If you are one of those women that are looking for a “magic bullet to finally get the proposal” or for a “24 hours formula to find your true love” then Girl Gets Ring is not for you.

You must understand that relationships usually involve complicated situations and it takes time and efforts on your side (including self discovery and true work) to make things right. If you are looking for some kind of shortcuts then again, Girl Gets Ring is probably not for you.

On the other hand, if you in a long-term relationship where things just not moving forward or if you want to finally get a true long lasting love and you understand that there is no such things like magic pills or quick shortcuts then I believe that Girl Gets Ring is absolutely for you.

This system offers easy to follow step-by-step directions and covers almost any scenario, so you will know exactly what you need to do and how to stay away from possible (and typical) mistakes.

Moreover, with the great money back guarantee and the limited time special price for the complete Girl Gets Ring system (including all the bonuses) there is nothing to lose and if you want you can even start following the step-by-step action plan today!

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I hope that my Girl Gets Ring Review will help you as much as this program helped me.
If you have any question you can always contact me and I will do my best in order to help you.

P.S below is also one video from TW Jackson and Jonathan Green that I really liked on how to make a good first impression on a guy, it contains some great tips so you can check it out if you want.

I wish you the best!





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